Youth Basketball Information


Registration starts in September and ends in early October.

Season begins with camp/practice in late October followed by games.  Season ends first part of November.

Games and practices take place in St. Mary's Public School gym.

Cost is $30.



Kickoff Camp occurs around the second Sunday in October and is run by Kennedy High School basketball coaches.

Kickoff Camp is used to teach skills and fundamentals and to assess the players skills who are wanting to play on a MAYS basketball team.  Our Parent Coaches use the opportunity to find needed players to fill their competitive basketball rosters especially in the younger grades.

If players are not chosen to play on one of our competitive teams, they are refered to the YMCA recreational program.  

Look for Kickoff Camp Flyers or Announcement on our Facebook page in early October for 3rd thru 6th graders.  

Cost: Free

Notice Regarding MAYS Basketball Teams

Please note: MAYS Basketball does not have the volunteers, resources, or facilities to offer a full fledged recreational and tournament basketball program.  MAYS offers the platform for our volunteer coaches to register and organize their players; secure and manage gym time for practices; provide basketballs and jerseys; and provide insurance for their teams.

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It is not the intent of MAYS to exclude anyone from playing basketball, so please email us if you have a youth player interested and we will contact the appropriate coach to see if the team has room.

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MAYS Basketball is a coach driven competitive youth basketball program.  It is designed to move our youth from beginners to tournaments to high school competition. 

It begins with parents wanting to coach their child’s age group.  They gather other youth players who want to play and form a team.

 Practice time is divided up at our annual coaches meeting.  Tournament schedules are determined by the coach and parents of the players.

Team Makeup: Usually made up of a majority of the same grade players.  However if a team does not have enough player(s), younger player(s) may move up to play at the next grade level to fill out the team.

Games: The 5th-8th grade teams play 5 to 6 tournaments in November - February through Oregon Amateur Basketball (OAB)

Levels: Girls: 5th - 8th grade.  Boys: 5th - 8th grade. 

Practice: Normally twice a week .

Coaches: Coached by parent volunteers.

Cost: About $160 + (this includes insurance, tournaments, and shooting shirt).

*Uniform jerseys are provided but are the property of MAYS and have to be returned.

Other Recreational Basketball Options:  The YMCA

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